Gingivitis and periodontitis are two main stages of gum disease and if left untreated can lead to premature tooth loss. It is generally accepted that this bacterial infection can have a negative influence on cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory diseases and complications in pregnancy. Gum disease can be prevented by meticulous home care and regular professional hygiene treatment.

If you notice any of the following symptoms there is a high chance that you suffer from gum disease:

– Bleeding, red, swollen or painful gums

– Receding gums

– Pockets around your teeth

– Consistent bad breath

– Bad taste

– Loose teeth


Massey Dental Centre is committed to providing exceptional results for our patients. At Massey Dental, we use the latest EMS Airflow Master, a Swiss innovative device, which has been designed with the highest standards of performance, safety and comfort in mind.

Airflow Master propels air, water pressure and a fine powder onto the surface of the teeth. Airflow therapy is a non-invasive, modern, pain free professional dental hygiene treatment which removes biofilm, surface stains and calculus from teeth, restorations and implants. Biofilm is the main contributing factor for caries, periodontal and peri-implant infections.

Airflow is an excellent solution for most patients and especially those who suffer from sensitive teeth as it greatly reduces discomfort by using a pressurised fine jet of water, air and powder without direct contact, pressure or heat to the teeth. The Airflow uses warm water to ensure you are comfortable during the treatment.

Airflow Benefits:

– Removes all dental plaque and helps to prevent periodontal and gum disease

– Cleans and polishes in one single treatment

– Helps maintain implants

– Greatly reduces discomfort for those with sensitive teeth

– Non invasive and is safe and less damaging on tooth surface and structure

At Massey Dental we strongly believe in a preventative approach to oral health and we encourage regular hygiene visits. Our dental hygienists are highly trained dental professionals who work under the clinical guidance provided by a practicing dentist. Their role is to provide oral health education, recognize and treat periodontal and gum disease, and to promote healthy oral behaviour.

Your dental hygienist will assess the condition of your gums and periodontal tissue, take photographs and x-rays and obtain informed consent prior to commencing dental hygiene treatment. All findings are than presented to you and the treatment options elaborated. The treatment itself focuses on the removal of dental plaque (also known as bacterial plaque or biofilm) and hard calculus (tartar) build-up from around your teeth and implants using airflow treatment, ultrasonic scalers and hand instruments.

In addition, dental hygienists can administer local anaesthetics, perform saliva tests, treat tooth sensitivity, apply fluoride treatment, produce mouth guards and place fissure sealants if required. Dental hygienists also provide specific oral hygiene maintenance instructions, including home care instructions, dietary advice, smoking cessation advice and preventing bad breath issues. Appropriate referrals to specialists are also made by dental hygienists when required.

It is of paramount importance to note that restorative dental work such as filings, crowns, bridges and especially implants require regular hygiene treatment and meticulous home care. Our dental hygienist can provide specific advice on the most effective products and techniques in achieving optimal functioning and longevity of each of these restorative works.