Dentures refer to a specific formĀ of dental prosthetic often used to replace missing or damaged teeth. Most dentures are removable; however some dentures require connecting to surrounding teeth or implants. Missing or damaged teeth can affect chewing, speech as well as confidence. Dentures can be an effective and reliable way to help manage these issues and help many people to get their mouth functioning at its best capacity and to get them smiling again.



At Massey Dental, we can find the best solution for your mouth and with our individualized approach you will once more be able to live your best life. With regular check-ups, we can ensure your dentures continue to function at maximum capacity so you will not have any reasons not to smile.


We offer a full range of denture options:

– Complete conventional dentures

– Complete or partial immediate dentures fitted immediately after the teeth are removed

– Valplast (Flexible) dentures

– Partial plastic dentures

– Metal frame dentures

– Implant supported dentures