Digital Xrays


Digital X-rays are a very important part of your regular dental visit. They are necessary to evaluate and diagnose many oral diseases and conditions. They can also be preventative by helping in early diagnosis of dental problems. Digital X-rays are safer than conventional X-rays; they use less radiation, which is further minimized by providing our patients with lead aprons when X-rays are taken. They provide high quality images that are almost instantly projected on the computer screen. These images can be easily printed, stored or e-mailed to specialists if needed. Digital X-rays are also environmentally friendly as no chemicals nor X-ray films are used.


At Massey Dental we are dedicated to ensuring each patient receives a detailed examination, where we are able to outline the issue and explain how and why we need to treat it. Digital X-rays not only aid in identifying problems but also in helping patients understand what the problem is and then finding appropriate treatment.


Intraoral X-rays (bitewings and periapical X-rays) provide detailed images of your teeth and are used to detect tooth decay, tooth fracture, abnormalities of the roots and surrounding bone structure, assessment of existing restorative work and to monitor the general health of your teeth and surrounding bone.


Extraoral X-rays (Panex) are used for the assessment of impacted teeth (including wisdom teeth), examining the relationship between teeth and jaws, to monitor jaw growth, TMJ problems and in diagnosis of tumors, cysts and infections.


Digital X-rays are a painless, simple way for us to find dental issues and assess the severity before treatment is recommended. These records are retained on your file to refer back to when treatment is completed or for any future oral issues you may encounter.